Remove mold on the mattress

Exiles like mattresses are quite susceptible to mold. Especially on the underside, there are often foxing, which is caused by mold spores. Although it is better not to let the mold develop, there are ways to treat a mold without disposing of the mattress.

Causes of mold on the mattress

Whether in the wall or on the mattress, moisture is always the main cause of mold! Man loses sweat every night in bed, which is absorbed by the mattress. If moisture remains in the mattress, it gradually forms a tropical, warm and humid climate in which mold spores can spread.

Very often the underside of the mattress is affected, as hardly any fresh air gets there. The risk is particularly high if a continuous base is used instead of a slatted frame.

The humidity of the room also plays a major role in mold growth on the mattress. In each bedroom, there is increased humidity. This is because the breath and sweat of the person release fluid into the room. Since dormitories are generally heated less, this liquid condenses on surfaces. While the furniture is drying quickly, the moisture seeps into the mattress and, especially on the underside, cannot escape.

How is mold removed from the mattress?

If mold is still mild, mattresses can almost always be saved. In the case of large-scale infestation or several affected areas, it is advisable for health reasons to buy a new mattress.

It does not always have to be chemistry; there are reliable home remedies that are able to remove the mold from the mattress. These include:

  • lemon juice
  • vinegar
  • salt
  • alcohol

In the first step, the mold stains are rubbed with lemon or vinegar. The substances destroy the cell walls of individual mold spores and the mold dissolves. Alcohol, e.g. Isopropanol has the same effect, but the alcohol evaporates much faster. When used therefore usually a repetition is required to destroy all mold spores completely.

Even if the spores are destroyed, there are some unsightly stains to remove. Salt can be used for this purpose. After cleaning with lemon or vinegar, the stain is rubbed with salt. The white grains absorb the excess vinegar or lemon juice and at the same time remove the discoloration from the mattress. You can take mattress from us. We have mattresses for sale.